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The benefits of floral waters vs. aqua

Welcome to the Hydration Station. There's more to floral and fruit waters than meets the eye. 

When you look at BYBI’s ingredients list you will notice we are big fans of using floral and fruit waters. From citrus water in Night Nutrition, to orange blossom and rose water in Mega Mist. Where there’s water, you can nearly always guarantee it’s not your bulk standard aqua. 

Yes, getting your two litres of water a day is pretty key when it comes to keeping your body healthy and hydrated… but when it comes to skincare you can add a little extra magic from nature. 

Umm why is there water in skincare?!

You’ll often find water or ‘aqua’ in skincare. It’s used by formulators and chemists to get the right product consistency, so that your face cream is more cream consistency vs soap bar. Pretty useful. However, its MOST important function is carrying clever skincare actives like hyaluronic acid, breaking them down and then delivering them direct to the skin, so that they are effective.

Okay, what’s so magic about floral and fruit waters?

At BYBI, we only use ingredients that deliver a benefit, that means we never use fillers to pad out our formulas. Our natural skincare is high-performance and that’s WHY we use floral waters. 

They deliver additional skin benefits that plain old water can’t…

Orange blossom water in Mega Mist balances the skin oils, as well as toning and brightening the skin. Not to mention the aromatherapeutic benefits that leave you feeling lifted and happy. 




Rose flower water in Mega Mist soothes the skin, stimulating regeneration, as well as delivering additional hydration and anti-bacterial benefits - keeping skin clear and refreshed.

Citrus fruit water in Night Nutrition calms inflammation, rids the skin of damaging free radicals caused by pollution, and so protects the skin from environmental stressors.



That’s not all. Our floral and fruit waters are eco too.

These waters don’t cost the earth. They are all by-products and so by using them we save them from going to waste. There’s zero waste. 

Our citrus waters are a by-product of the fruit juicing industry and so are very high quality, and our floral waters are a by-product of essential oil production. The flowers are water-streamed releasing steam that’s enriched with essential oils, this is captured and kept cold, and used in other beauty products. The left over fluid is water that’s naturally enriched with essential oils. 

Et voila, floral water by-product goodness for BYBI. 

Water is great, but you can’t beat the extra nutritional benefits of floral and fruit water, to give your skincare regime a natural boost and take it to the next hydrated level.