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What Makes A Sustainable Gift?

It can be a tough one, searching for the perfect gift. Let alone, finding the perfect gift AND it being sustainable (superrr easy at BYBI, but we'll get onto that in a sec). Not sure where to begin or what to look out for? Here's a few thought-starters to inspire you. 


You might be tempted by a shiny exterior, but what's IN what you're buying? Look for sustainably-sourced ingredients, that are low-carbon or have a minimal impact on the planet. 

We audit all our natural ingredients using our internal Susty Score, which looks closely at factors such as the harvesting process, location, transport and upcycling. Find out more about this here.

At BYBI, two of our bestselling Boosters, Strawberry and Blueberry, use 100% upcycled ingredients. The oils are produced by cold-pressing seeds from the juicing industry, a by-product that would otherwise go to waste. Using upcycled ingredients requires much less energy, as you're using one ingredient to create two products.

You can find our skin-softening Strawberry Booster in our 24hr Kit and Soften & Soothe gift sets. 


Our natural blue light shield, aka Blueberry Booster, can be found in Balance & Protect and Protect & Repair gift sets. 




Visibility on how a product is manufactured can be really hard to find. However, it's not impossible. 

For example, Bright Eyed, our brand new illuminating eye cream, is our first product made entirely using green energy. We've carefully chosen to partner with a manufacturer that runs on renewable resources such as wind, solar and biomass. Bright Eyed for a brighter future, paving the way for more sustainable beauty. 

Shop Bright Eyed, C-Caf Cream and Babe Balm Bronze in our most sparkly gift set Get Up & Glow

BYBI Get Up & Glow


Looking ahead to 2021 (which is just around the corner!), the entire BYBI range will be produced using green energy, find out more about our approach to sustainable manufacturing here


The obvious bit! Sustainable packaging is very visible and tangible, plus it becomes even more apparent during the holidays when an excess of packaging and wrapping is created. 

First up look for recycled and recyclable packaging. All our BYBI gift sets & Bundles come with a free sustainable eco pouch, made from recycled plastic and paper. Not only do you save some dollar with gift sets (win), the materials used can also be recycled when they've come to the end of their life too. Choose from no less than four colours in two sizes! 

BYBI Soften & Soothe Kit


Next up, the products themselves. You'll find the BYBI range is either housed in infinitely recyclable glass or carbon-neutral sugarcane tubes. Both have their benefits, which you can find out more about here

And last but not least, what does your gift arrive in? When you order from, we'll deliver your presents in one of our grasspaper boxes, made from sun-dried grass as opposed to standard wood pulp. They not only use up to 80% less energy to create, but also need just 1l of water vs 3,000l per tonne. Plus, they can also be recycled alongside cardboard, super easy. 


Written by Hannah, Assistant Communications Manager