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Bright Skin Kit
Brightening Daily Skincare Essentials

£25.00 (£36.00 value)

The Bright Skin Kit is our curated collection of BYBI's brightening best, in mini size and the perfect way to discover BYBI. Meet our new collection of minis and intro kits: great for traveling, gifting, or back-ups.

Get the Bright Skin Kit for only £22 (£36 value)

This set contains: 

● Day Glow: Day Glow contains a rich cocktail of brightening ingredients to improve skin texture and tone. A blend of lactic acid, antioxidants, and reviving floral water instantly refreshes skin for a dewy glow. Perfect for those who struggle to use harsher toners, Day Glow is suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to use every day.

C-Caf: Lightweight and nourishing, C-Caf Cream is perfect for those who want high-performance results from a low-maintenance routine. Made with two types of vitamin C, caffeine and matcha, C-Caf Cream hydrates and brightens dull skin and helps reduce morning puffiness, so tired skin looks smooth and fresh. It also helps boost your skin’s regeneration process, giving it a smooth, bouncy feel.

● Bright Eyed: Bright-Eyed combines brightening algae and arnica extracts with plumping hyaluronic acid and squalane to improve the appearance of dark circles and intensely hydrate the under-eye area. Amino-acid Betaine (derived from sugar beet) further hydrates, whilst protecting the eye area from free radical damage.

Sustainably sourced peach mica particles counteract the appearance of dark circles, whilst adding light-reflecting luminosity, for smooth, bright eyes.

Natural ● Vegan ● Cruelty-Free ● Carbon Neutral

Exfoliating • Brightening • Softening

Hydrating • Brightening • Regenerating

BrighteningHydrating • Smoothing

Apply Day Glow to cleansed skin with a reusable cotton pad, or with fingers. No need to rinse. 

Follow up with massaging a pea-sized amount of C-Caf into face and neck.  A little goes a long way. 

Lastly, dab a pea-sized amount of Bright Eyed into the delicate under eye area in a c-shaped motion until fully absorbed.

Day Glow and C-Caf were created to brighten the face and neck. Use Bright Eyed on undereyes, eyelids and brow bones.

Use the Bright Skin Kit in the morning! Make sure to follow up with SPF, as the AHA in Day Glow can cause increased sensitivity to UV light. 

We always recommend patch testing before use.

Great skincare should not come at a cost to our planet. We’re continuing our crusade against carbon emissions and our goal of becoming a carbon negative beauty brand. Here’s how our BYBI skincare makes a difference:

The best part of each BYBI product are our high quality, efficacious ingredients. We strike a delicate balance when choosing the ingredients that go into our products; first and foremost they must deliver stellar skin benefits but equally this must not come at a cost to our planet. See each product for its own sustainably ingredients.

We petitioned for our primary manufacturer to switch to green energy by 2021, they’ve agreed to do so and all BYBI Boosters will be manufactured as such going forward.

The glass bottle is eligible for ReBYBI (BYBI’s UK recycling program). Carton, glass bottle and glass stem of pipette are all eligible for local recycling.

Carton, glass bottle, glass stem of the pipette are 100% recyclable so can be disposed of in your domestic recycling. The rest of the pipette isn't recyclable in domestic recycling, but can be recycled if returned to TerraCycle or if you ReBYBI them back to us.

1) Separate glass bottle, and pipette components

2) Rinse out all of the contents of the glass bottle and the glass stem and put in recycling bin

3) TerraCycle the rest of the pipette, or ReBYBI the full empty product packaging back to us