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At BYBI we believe that great skincare should not come at a cost to our planet and it's our mission to bring climate conscious products to the masses.


What is ReBYBI?

ReBYBI is our circular recycling scheme that allows you to return your used BYBI bottles to be sterilised and reused like for like. This means your Bakuchiol Booster bottle can continue its life as a Bakuchiol Booster bottle, without the need to be processed through industrial level recycling or worse, ending up at landfill. Currently in the UK over 30% of glass isn’t recovered or recycled, and so DOES end up in landfill. This is exactly why ReBYBI is so important.

At BYBI we’re working to reduce the use of virgin materials wherever possible, as the production of virgin materials is often energy intensive and we don’t want to add more to the planet when so much already exists. Over 80% of our range is packaged in glass; a material that’s easy to be effectively sterilised and reused without losing its integrity. This is good news for our environment as it omits the complicated and energy intensive industrial recycling process.

What Can I ReBYBI?

The scheme is for all of our glass bottles and jars, i.e. Boosters, Supercharge Serum, Mega Mist, Swipe Clean and Babe Balm Bronze. Every UK based order placed on will come with a free returns label (printed on 100% recycled paper). Once you’ve finished your BYBI product, simply send the empty glass bottle(s) back to us using the Royal Mail returns label. We also recommend reusing the grasspaper box that your products arrived in to post back to us.

Once received, we’ll fully sterilise in-house using industrial cosmetic sterilisation machinery, and the bottle will be reused like for like.

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How to ReBYBI

Once you have finished your fav BYBI product, you can pop your empty glass bottles and jars along with droppers, lids and caps back into the grasspaper box,  attach the returns label and drop into your local Royal Mail post box. Alternatively if you haven't got your grasspaper box, a secure box is fine too. Please try to protect the bottles by wrapping them carefully in something like old newspaper or magazine pages.

Susty Thinking

Whilst there are carbon implications associated with posting your bottles back to us, we still believe that this does not outweigh the carbon saved by sterilising and reusing the bottles like for like, rather than them going through the energy intensive process of industrial recycling or worse, using virgin material. We are currently working with third party auditors to gather the data to support this - more to follow.

The scheme is also UK based only, so no air freight is involved, and we use Royal Mail who have the largest ‘feet on street’ network of post people (not using a vehicle) and have recently introduced zero emission e-trikes into their fleet.

We will be working to figure out a low carbon way of getting your bottles back to us if you are based internationally. Right now it’s a step in the right direction. We’re testing at small scale so that we’re able to quickly assess the impact and hopefully one day (soon), have a solution for BYBI fans all over the globe.

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The label

If you have bought product before we launched ReBYBI, have misplaced your label or bought from one of our retail partners, you can download and print your own here. If possible print on print FSC or recycled paper, and print using vegetable ink cartridges.

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