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2021: The Year Of BYBI

For obvious reasons, 2021 is one of those years in history that we’d like to file under ‘Years to Forget’. But amidst the chaos, the lockdowns and the uncertainty, there’s a lot to celebrate about this year too. Let’s focus on the positive and take a look at 2021, BYBI style. 

Here’s just some of the things we got up to: 

January BYBI Launch in Target   

January: We started the year off with a bang and launched in one of the biggest retailers in the US: Target. 


February BYBI Launched Day Glow   


February: This month was all about the glow. We added Day Glow to our skincare line up, the gentle daily tonic that exfoliates the skin and leaves it brighter, smoother and soft. 


July BYBI Face Base Launch


July: We wanted to create a lightweight, everyday moisturiser that would suit all skin types. This was the month we launched it. Enter Face Base, the cream that hydrates, calms skin and locks in moisture, without clogging pores. 


August BYBI's 4th birthday


August: This was the month we turned 4! Thank you to all of our customers for your support, and helping us make our dream of high-performing, vegan, clean beauty a reality.   


BYBI Bakuchiol Skin Restore


October: Bak was back. This time, it came in the form of Bakuchiol Skin Restore, an overnight moisturiser that replenishes and regenerates skin, as well as stimulates collagen. It got the stamp of approval from clinical skin experts Dr Lindsey and Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe, too. Read Dr Ewoma’s thoughts on it here


November COP26 BYBI


November: At BYBI, we always put the health of our planet first and are constantly innovating our processes to help combat the climate crisis. November was the month of COP26 - the perfect opportunity for us to write an open letter to our Prime Minister demanding tangible action from the government in the fight against climate change. 


November BYBI Better Friday


November: This was a big month for us, so it gets a double mention. We swapped Black Friday for Better Friday and promised to capture the carbon produced from each delivery during our two-week sale. We’re proud to say we’ve captured 242 kg CO2e, which is the equivalent of 21 single train journeys from London to Manchester.

2022 promises to be just as big. Follow BYBI on Instagram to see what we do next.