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Bedtime skincare, how to wake up with better skin

Nighttime routines are particularly important, as we sleep our skin goes into 'repair mode' and cell turnover is stimulated. So it makes sense to maximise this opportunity, to hydrate, nourish and use your targeted treatments before bed. 

So bedtime skincare is a must, got it. But can you actually wake up with visibly better skin? Well you're about to find out. Here's some tips on which products to use and why, to wakeup glowing. 

Start with a thorough but gentle cleanse

 For when your skin feels dry/to remove makeup: 

Use Swipe Clean, our facial cleansing oil and makeup remover to get rid of makeup, daily grime, SPF and sweat. For best results apply liberally, massage into skin to cleanse thoroughly and remove with warm water. Made with papaya and hibiscus extract, both high in AHAs, it helps cleanse deep into pores for clearer skin.  



Smooth and soften skin with exfoliation 

For when skin feels dull, dry, damaged or blemish-prone - but not sensitive! 

Our new face mask, Acid Gold is the perfect addition to any bedtime routine. Packed with exfoliating AHAs it helps to smooth skin texture, encourage cell renewal and balance areas of congestion. Its vibrant colour comes from nourishing sea buckthorn oil, which alongside glycerin helps to leave skin moisturised and not stripped or dry. Check out the images on product page to see the post-mask glow! 


Go big on hydration

For all skin feels: 

Truly suitable for all skin types, Mega Mist is a light, refreshing hyaluronic acid spray that draws moisture into the skin and helps to retain it. When used regularly, Mega Mist can visibly reduce fine lines and help balance skin long-term. 


Lock it in a targeted facial oil

For when skin feels normal or damaged 

Opt for our bestselling Bakuchiol Booster to help boost collagen, improve skin texture and reduce fine lines. Bakuchiol mimics the effects of retinol, without any of the associated side effects such as irritation, flakiness or increased photosensitisation. It's also safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding, unlike traditional retinol. Paired with moisturising squalane, it helps gives skin a radiant glow. 


For when skin feels irritated, red or blemish-prone

Choose the CBD Booster if your skin is feeling particularly irritated, congested or red. Made with cannabidiol and hemp seed oil, it effectively calms skin, reducing redness overnight and can also help regulate sebum production in the long run. 


For when skin feels normal, dry or damaged - also great for mature skin

An incredibly nourishing facial oil, Supercharge Serum contains 18 different antioxidant-rich plant extracts, such as prickly pear, watermelon seed and jasmine to rejuvenate, moisturise and even out skin tone. It's been known as an effective treatment on sun spots, scars and leaves skin feels conditioned and healthy. If you're looking for a seriously dewy complexion, this is the one. Just a couple of drops each night is all you need and it lasts forever! 


Finish with a restoring night cream

For when skin feels dry, irritated or sensitive

Apply Night Nutrition to lock in all the moisture above. Made with a unique carrot, lemon and kale protein blend, apricot and raspberry seed oil and broccoli extract, this night cream 'feeds' and protects skin overnight for a plumper, softer complexion come the morning. It's also rich in essential fatty acids and soothing oat extract to calm and strengthen skin. 


Written by Hannah B, Assistant Communications Manager