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Bright Eyed for a Bright Future: Susty credentials

As ever, when we develop new products here at BYBI, sustainability plays a vital part, with our first eye cream being no exception. Bright Eyed contains a powerhouse of actives to deliver noticeable brighter and smoother under eyes.  Here’s how we made sure it is kind to not only your eyes, but the planet too.

Bright Eyed is not only BYBI’s first eye cream, it is our first product we have been able to manufacture using green (renewable) energy. Using a split of 70% wind power and 30% from various other sources (landfill gas, solar and biomass) we ensure that the manufacturing of Bright Eyed produces no nasty fossil fuel emissions (looking at you carbon).

Like the rest of the BYBI range, Bright Eyed comes in a sugarcane tube. Sugarcane is a bioplastic that uses the ethanol from sugarcane, a renewable crop, to create plastic instead of fossil fuels, therefore having far fewer carbon emissions during production.  


What is inside the tube is pretty impressive too! The squalane used in Bright Eyed is produced via the fermentation of sugarcane (see above!) following strict responsible sourcing programs- including minimizing water usage and respecting biodiversity. Any waste left over from the production of squalane is used to generate electricity for local communities.

Providing subtle luminosity to brighten even the darkest of circles, Bright Eyed contains light reflecting Mica particles. Working with a partner in India, we ensure that the mica particles used in Bright Eyed are responsibly sourced, both socially and environmentally. As well as maintaining rigorous environmental standards they finance local schools in the area and work to improve healthcare standards on a regional scale. Our partner is regularly audited by external agencies to ensure environmental standards remain high.


Written by Chloe, NPD Manager