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How to use BYBI, from mists to balms. A texture guide

Waters, gels, creams, oils and balms are the many textures you can find in BYBI’s skincare range. Textures are beautifully pleasing on the eye and have become a bit of a thing thanks to #TextureTuesday on Instagram. But, why do different products come in all these amazing different textures? And what order do I apply them? Well, we are here to help...


Without stating the obvious, water is the lightest texture you’ll find in skincare. It can be two-fold where there are watery like products and also water-based products.
Waters should be applied at the very beginning of your skincare routine as they layer well with other products and should essentially help to keep the skin hydrated as they help breakdown and carry other important ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aiding it to enter your skin.

Mega Mist is BYBI’s lightweight hyaluronic acid facial mist that is formulated from floral waters such as orange blossom (balances skin oils), rose flower (soothes) and citrus fruit water (calming). Amongst these waters is also a high concentration of hyaluronic acid which is a humectant, meaning it attracts and holds onto moisture leading to truly hydrated skin.


Crystal Clear is a drool-worthy thick gel texture. Gels traditionally help to offer hydration without the oiliness of a cream and can be found in moisturiser form. Not here, we’ve made the ultimate clarifying cleanser in gel form, and once applied to the face becomes a lovely foam. The gel like texture helps to deeply cleanse the skin without leaving it feeling tight and stripped afterward like regular foaming cleansers can.

One of the most known skincare textures is cream. Thicker in texture creams are the perfect accompaniment to your serums and oils, lather them on top to lock in moisture.
While creams are not able to penetrate the skin as deep as oils, they are able to help create a barrier to lock in any products you have used underneath and prevent any further moisture loss. 

BYBI moisturisers. c caf day cream and night nutrition

C-Caf is a wonderful lightweight silky day cream that not only helps to create this protection barrier but has vitamin C to help brighten and caffeine to reduce morning puffiness and wake up your skin. 

Night Nutrition is a luxurious thick night time cream/moisturiser. Dense and creamy, the formula aims to restores and replenishes your skin overnight whilst deeply moisturising.




BYBI oils are packaged as boosters and serums. Our oils provides a rich silky smooth texture to nourish and hydrate whilst tackling certain skin concerns. They also help lock in your skin's moisture to stop trans epidermal water loss. 

Bakuchiol, CBD and Supercharge are lightweight and fast absorbing, so don’t leave your skin feeling greasy, more silky and hydrated. These three products have active ingredients such as Vitamin A, Hemp seed oil and Antioxidants, so we would recommend using before a moisturiser/cream so that the active can reach the skin. 


Swipe Clean is our superhero oil cleanser and makeup remover. It is slightly thicker than the previous oils so that it can deeply cleanse into pores and break down the grime, dirt and makeup leaving you with a super clean, fresh face.

Strawberry and Blueberry are oils on the slightly richer side, but not without reason. These all have silky, slightly slower absorbing textures, while their main roles are to soften (strawberry) and shield against blue light (blueberry), they also rich in properties that enable them to nourish and moisturise the skin. Due to their slightly thicker texture we recommend to either add to your moisturiser/cream or use before.


Balms are the thickest of BYBI textures and are great for all skin types but particularly beneficial for dry skin.

Lip Buffer and Plumper are balms that treat the lips. Shea butter and sweet almond oil hydrate the lips in both Plumper and Buffer and make up the base of the balms. Buffer has an addition of brown sugar to gently exfoliate whilst Plumper has the addition of peppermint and capsicum oil to stimulate the lips for the ultimate plumping look.

Our OG BYBI product Babe Balm is formulated with shea butter and vegan fruit wax that helps to lock in moisture and keep everything (lip, cuticles, elbows, you name it) soft. 

Babe Balm but SHINY... Babe Balm Bronze is formulated with the base of Babe Balm but with added sustainable mica powder for that beautiful bronzy shimmer. Perfect as a natural highlighter and can be worn on top of you creams and makeup and still maintains the moisture-locking in property of Babe Balm.

Written by Isabel, BYBI Commercial Analyst