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Clean Hands: The Ingredients

BYBI's latest launch, Clean Hands, is a vegan antibacterial spray designed to instantly and clean hands by effectively reducing levels of bacteria and viruses.

Antibacterial sprays are an everyday essential (just like your cleanser and moisturiser) and should be used frequently throughout the day. Regular use of antibacterial solutions can play havoc with hands- turning them dry, flakey and sore; which is why we wanted to develop an antibacterial spray that not only cleans hands, but also provides face worthy skincare benefits- think moisturising, softening and smoothing.


The hero ingredients we use in Clean Hands are below:

Natural alcohol

The body of Clean Hands' formulation is that all important, bacteria and virus killing alcohol. We use a naturally derived alcohol at 65%, above the recommended level advised by Public Health England, which means we can be confident that Clean Hands effectively does what it says on the tin (bottle) and effectively reduces traces of bacteria and viruses leaving hands clean and safe.


Whilst the ritual of washing hands/ reaching for your antibacterial solution, is super important, it can also be seriously DRYING, leaving your hands sparkling clean but also thirsty and sore. This is why we have formulated Clean Hands to be uber moisturising, meaning you aren’t rushing for your hand cream immediately after use. Superior moisturising agent glycerin locks in moisture, helping hands stay hydrated and soft. Glycerin is also super gentle, helping to soothe hands- perfectly balancing the effect alcohol can have on the skin.

Green tea

Loaded with vitamin E, green tea has strong antioxidant properties that protect hands from damage caused by free radicals for optimal hand health. As well as ensuring your hands stay in tip top condition, green tea has antimicrobial properties meaning it helps to fight against microorganisms and bacteria, making it an excellent addition to Clean Hands.


Known to send us to sleep, the skincare benefits of lavender stretch much further beyond its relaxing scent. Lavender's anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe and heal, leaving sore or red hands feeling calm and restored. Lavender also possesses antibacterial properties, working alongside the alcohol and green tea to effectively reduce traces of bacteria on the hands. Whilst the smell of alcohol can be overbearing, Clean Hands ensures that hands are left delicately scented of lavender (and not of vodka!)



Written by Chloe, NPD Manager