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De-stressing Skincare Routine

Got no Christmas shopping done but are still as stressed as it had been a Christmas from last decade? We get it. Lockdown hasn’t exactly been stress free and with less than 3 weeks to Christmas, the classic holiday season stress is upon us. Like that wasn’t enough, the cold temperatures have truly hit, leaving our skin flaky, lacklustre and tired and in need of some true TLC. Although we can’t sort out all of your Christmas shopping or restart 2020, we can help you and your skin with the ultimate de-stressing evening skincare routine, supporting both your microbiome and your mindfulness. Want to go full in? Sing along to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ (or, to save your flatmate/partner/family or pets for your less-hitting-right-on-the-high-pitches put on a de-stressing playlist babe)

Step one: Cleanse your skin whilst reconnecting with your inner peace.

BYBI Milk Melt

Went for the calming playlist rather than full-on Christmas vibes? Safe choice. Combine it with our new vegan oat milk cleanser for a de-stressing and calming cleanse. Milk Melts cleansing benefits comes from oat kernel extract, that delicately lifts dirt and sebum whilst soothing. Probiotic coconut yoghurt enhances and nurtures the skin’s level of good bacteria while deeply moisturising the skin, leaving your microbiome happy and healthy with reduced redness and breakouts.

Its softening benefits come from its high content of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Oat milk and aloe vera leave your skin hydrated and calm for a soft, smooth feel. 

Total zen: It’s not just a hoax - for your cleanser to truly emulsify and activate its great ingredients, cleanse for 60 seconds. It also gives you a well deserved minute to unwind.

Step two: Butter up, buttercup! 

Your soft, freshly cleansed beautiful skin only deserves the best. For the ultimate nourishing skin hug we couple up with Night Nutrition - the protein night cream that contains more than 70% upcycled ingredients and works like a smoothie but for your skin. 

Mango seed butter and oat kernel oil deliver a softening, creamy texture rich in ceramides and lipids. Sealing in moisture and preventing water loss, it helps to leave skin supple and moisturised. 

With a powerful blend of antioxidants and vitamin-rich ingredients, Night Nutrition feeds skin overnight. Nourishing, vitamin A-rich broccoli seed oil and softens Omega-9 and Omega-3 fatty acids help protect, replenish and strengthen skin overnight.

BYBI Night Nutrition

We recently optimised the packaging from a jar to our sugarcane tube and you get 20% more for the same price. Win-win? We certainly think so. 

Uber zen: Kids in bed and dishes sorted? Use Night Nutrition as a midnight mask while you indulge in a glass of red or mulled wine. 

Step 3: The strawberry on top

By now, you are hopefully already feeling more calm and relaxed (and ready to cuddle up with a bowl of ice cream). The cherry on the top, well, actually it’s a strawberry, is our very own Strawberry Booster made from 100% strawberry seed oil. She’s not just pretty - she will be your winter skin’s best friend and she’s upcycled too!

Strawberry Booster is the happy ending to your de-stressing skincare routine, locking in all the benefits from softening Milk Melt and nourishing Night Nutrition. Moisturising Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids whilst softening and strengthening your skin, soothing any areas of dryness.

Rich in antioxidants, ellagic acid helps the Strawberry Booster visibly reduce concerns like hyperpigmentation, loss of firmness and discolouration often induced by environmental factors, such as pollution and UV rays. 

In this routine, we recommend using Strawberry Booster on top before going to bed, but it’s lightweight and fast-spreading texture makes it suitable for your morning routine as well. 

Seasonal tip: The Boosters make quite a cute Christmas decoration. Too much? Not on the BYBI’s (re-plantable) Christmas trees. However, we get your scepticism - go for it as a stocking filler instead, can be used on beards and babies too!

Not sure what to get your nearest and dearest but want to treat them to the ultimate skincare experience? Shop our sustainable and gift sets here. They save you money too! 


Written by Karoline, Graphic Designer