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Why Babe Balm is the answer to dry skin

Babe Balm

Skincare is nothing if you don’t seal it in! I’m sure you go through those moments where you wish you could introduce a barrier between you and the world (your duvet is probably the barrier that you’re thinking of). But in this case we are talking about the multipurpose vegan gem that is... Babe Balm.

Babe Balm is your best friend that can be there for you in ways you may not know. Every single part of your body needs nourishing and sometimes we forget the important bits; like our cuticles and hands. Although Babe Balm is multipurpose, it’s especially great for our hands. Hand care may be the last thing on your mind, but our hands do so much for us and often do not receive the TLC that they deserve. We are constantly washing our hands, sanitising them and using them for almost every task. Let's give them some love.

Babe Balm contains so many amazing ingredients, but it was specifically formulated with shea butter, fruit wax (a simple vegan friendly swap from beeswax) and calendula oil to repair and protect your skin.

Shea butter

Shea butter is a star emollient which helps to provide Babe Balm with its rich texture and contains fatty acids, as well as being a great source of antioxidants. The emollient nature of shea butter helps to replace the natural oils in the skin that may have been lost due to over-washing or using drying sanitiser. 

Fruit wax

The fruit wax in Babe Balm is derived from the fruit peels of Rhus Verniciflua. The fatty acids in the fruit wax provide a protective barrier that seals in the moisture whilst softening your skin by locking in hydration. 

Calendula oil

Not only is calendula (Marigold) a beautiful flower but it also contains flavanoids, carotenes, saponosides and polysaccharides. These work in combination to provide anti-inflammatory properties, promote skin healing and repair of the skins barrier function, and provide anti-oxidant protection. This is exactly what is needed to repair overused hands and dry cuticles.

Babe Balm is for everyone as it contains no essential oils, so is also great for sensitive skin, pregnant women and babies. Just like everything at BYBI it's completely vegan too.



Written by Alicia, BYBI Intern