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How to balance combination skin

Balance is always key. Typically, many people who believe they have ‘combination’ skin, usually simply have skin that has yet to find its equilibrium! Overproduction of sebum; our skins’ natural oil, can often be caused by the skin recognising the lack of hydration (water) in its surface layers and desperately trying to do what it can to right the imbalance. However, the result can be an outpouring of oil as the only thing your skin can produce in quantity is said oil. If you ply your skin with hydrating products and ingredients, it causes your cells to kick into the high gear aiding in increased healing, cellular regeneration and generally glowing skin! A key to longer lasting hydration is to ensure that you lock in all the watery goodness with a nourishing but lightweight oil that will sit on top so that your precious products won’t evaporate off into the air; here’s a simple routine for combination skin, with lightweight but effective products:

Mega Mist: Full of the intensely hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and a curated mix of plant extracts to help soothe, tone and tighten your skin

Strawberry Booster: High in moisturising Omega fatty acids, protective Antioxidants and cold-pressed nutrients to banish irritation and dryness, keeping skin smooth, strong and supple.

C-Caf Cream: A concoction of Vitamin C, Caffeine, and Matcha in a creamy but easily absorbed Shea Butter base to brighten, soften and nourish the skin.

For a treatment aspect, masking and spot treating is also something that can work wonders if you find your skin regions vastly different in texture and/or needs. Sometimes you can still end up with dry, flaky patches in areas - even when the rest of your face feels perfectly balanced! Our Acid Gold mask is a great addition to any routine to help slough away dull dead skin with natural AHA’s and plant and fruit enzymes for renewed and replenished skin.

Written by Astoria, Customer Care Executive