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How to 'Boost' with Anthonia

Our bestselling Booster range doesn't just target spots, stimulate collagen production and soothe flakey skin. At £12 each they're a great pick-me-up, 'miss you', Happy Birthday from afar, just want a treat, boost. 

Watch how Anthonia, our In-House Chemist and qualified Beauty Therapist, gives herself the ultimate facial massage with Strawberry Booster for some much needed self-care. 

"Massage is very good for the face, it helps to really relieve tension, it helps to tone muscle and get all the fluid moving leaving you with a beautiful glow. I think massage is underrated."

Step by step guide to facial massage:

  • Start with a full pipette of your chosen Booster
  • Swipe it between your hands, don't rub, you want the facial oil to be evenly distributed, but not rubbed into your hands
  • Apply to face and neck in swiping motions
  • Move towards chest and neck - don't neglect this area! 
  • Massage chest, around shoulders and up through the neck to warm skin 
  • In circular movements, using your finger pads, move from chest up to shoulders and then to your neck. Repeating each movement three times
  • Using your knuckles, massage your chest, moving from centre to the side of your body to help drain fluid
  • In sweeping motions, swipe up the neck towards the face

"I'm being firm and intentional with my movements, think about this as a workout for your face. I don't wanna see no, light, fluffy movements, you want to be deep and intentional with your movements."

  • Massage in large circles on the side of your neck, then pay attention to your shoulders too 

"This is a really nice way to relieve tension at the end of the week, especially with all the craziness right now." 

  • Now we move onto finger drains. Get your thumbs and bring them to the middle of your forehead, draining out towards your ears with firm movements. Repeating the same movement, moving down the face, under your cheekbones, chin etc and repeat 
  • Massage your cheeks in large circular movements using all of your fingers
  • Next swipe upwards with your entire palm, from your forehead to the crown of your head 
  • Using both hands, hold your index and middle finger as though they were scissors and push them in between each other, moving across your forehead
  • Pinch eyebrows, moving from the tail to middle and front
  • Working the eyelids, massage in large orbital circles with the pads of your fingers. Repeat using just your ring finger, moving in small circular movements as you go
  • Using your index fingers, swipe from the brow bone up through the forehead
  • Cover your eyes, trapping all the heat in
  • To finish, massage your ear lobes 

"Make sure when you're doing this routine, that you're not wearing any jewellery.

You can follow this facial massage routine with any BYBI Booster or Supercharge Serum.