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How to care for your hands and prevent wrinkles

We’ve all heard it before, hands are one of the first places we can show our age! But WHY do they age quicker? And HOW do we prevent this?

Well, we have our anti-aging, bouncy and healthy skin routine down to a tee... for our face; hydrating, moisturising, shielding from sun and UV rays, but we forget all about our hands!  Our hands do an awful lot for us too, typing, writing, washing & cleaning they take quite a battering when you think about it, so now that’s sunk in, let’s speak about what we can do to prevent the thinning, crepey skin and age spots we all want to avoid!

Tip 1:
Now more than ever we are washing and sanitizing our hands and you might have noticed this can lead to cracked, sore and dry skin on our hands. Our top tip is use a hand sanitizer that has moisturising as well as anti-bacterial properties like Clean Hands. It effectively reduces bacteria and leaves your hands feeling soft, smooth and supple thanks to moisturising agents glycerin and propanediol that balance out the drying effects of the alcohol. Added lavender and green tea help to calm inflammation and add to the lovely smell (no more vodka)

Tip 2:
Upgrade your daily hand cream to a rich balm with Babe Balm. A saviour for rough hands and ragged cuticles, it’s occlusive properties lock in moisture while repairing coenzyme Q10 firms and protects. Beta-carotene from carrot extract also helps to rebuild skin, for younger, softer looking hands. Even better, Babe Balm is multipurpose and can be used across the body, not just your hands. 

Tip 3:
Want to really boost your hand care routine? Add a drop of two of CBD or Strawberry Booster to your balms, or straight onto the skin.
CBD Booster will help to reduce redness and calm areas of inflammation and mixed with hemp seed oil it’s a great skin-softener.
Strawberry Booster will intensely hydrate thanks to Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids that deliver a potent hit of moisture whilst also strengthening and softening the skin’s surface.

You can purchase all four of these products together in BYBI Clean Calm Hands Bundle that saves you 10%. 

Tip 4:
For really impressive results, add 50ml Bakuchiol Booster to your night time hand cream or balm. This natural retinol alternative helps boost collagen production improving skin texture and it has also been found to help strengthen the elasticity and integrity of the skin reducing fine lines. 1% bakuchiol mixed with olive squalane, it’s soft, smooth quick absorbing and helps increase hydration.