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How to get naturally glowing skin

BYBI are letting you in on our not so secret, top 5 products for glowy skin. It’s the skin you’ve been dreaming of and all naturally of course! You can use the below all together in a super glow-up routine (as shown at the end) or, use separately and slot a product or two into your current routine, both work just as well. Now first things first, when we think of glowy skin, we are talking about bright, fresh, strong and healthy skin with a natural glow to it. No time for skin that’s feeling dull, tired and overall a bit naff. 

C-Caf Cream

C-Caf is an everyday lightweight moisturising day cream. It brightens skin tone and complexion thanks to super ingredient vitamin c (double dose too), and reduces morning puffiness thanks to diuretic caffeine. C-Caf cream helps to reduce signs of hyperpigmentation, scars and uneven skin tone. All in a lightweight and moisturising combination of shea, glycerin and squalane to increase skin hydration so skin is left soft, dewy and glowing.

Supercharge Serum

Rightly fully named super, supercharge serum is for instant and lifetime glow. Packed with 18 nutritious antioxidants that feed your skin it helps to increase skin cell turnover, getting rid of dull dead skin cells and leaving behind fresh healthy and glowy ones. It rejuvenates, repairs and and replenishes damages skin so is also great to reduce marks on skin or uneven skin tone. This silky oil can be used on its own, apply 1-3 drops straight to the skin for an instant glow or can be mixed into your moisturiser, like C-Caf for double glow-up! Supercharge instantly leaves skin glowy, but with regular use strengthens and repairs skin to be bright, fresh and healthy.

Mega Mist

You can’t have healthy glowy skin without hydration. Dehydrated skin is dull and that’s the opposite of what you want. Mega Mist is a hyaluronic acid spray that allows you to keep the skin super hydrated, all throughout the day for plump soft skin. Hyaluronic acid acts as a humectant attracting and retaining moisture in the skin. Spray underneath and on top of makeup throughout the day for a dewy glowy finish.

Acid Gold

Get rid of those dead skin cells with Acid Gold, BYBI’s exfoliating face mask. Dead skin cells?! Yep, skin cells die, you can’t really tell apart from the fact your skin might feel a bit lacklustre dull and potentially dry. Acid Gold is packed to the brim with powerful AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that help break down the ‘glue’ of dead skin cells, banishing them and leaving behind soft, smooth glowy skin. The addition of pumpkin enzyme not only helps exfoliate but encourages cell renewal, so those bright and fresh new skin cells can reach the top layer of skin helping also improve textures and bounce. Finally added glycerin makes sure your skin doesn’t feel stripped out or dry from the exfoliation, so your bright new glowy skin cells can feel smooth and soft.

Bakuchiol Booster

BYBI’s bestselling booster is a 100% natural, vegan-friendly retinol (vitamin a) alternative without the negative side effects. It regenerates and rejuvenates the skin to visibly reduce pigmentation, fine lines and improve texture. 1% bakuchiol in a base of squalane derived from olives. It is super lightweight and easily absorbed. Leaving the skin feeling soft, silky and hydrated. Even better news, Bakuchiol Booster now comes in an all new 50ml size, this Big Bakuchiol Boosters is over 3x the size of the regular one, so if you are getting through it like we do, there’s no need anymore for monthly top ups and you will save 25% by purchasing Big Bakuchiol Booster!

Glowy Skin of your dreams routine:

In the AM
-  After cleansing, pat the face dry (but not fully) then spray 2-3 spritz of Mega Mist across the face.
- Once Mega Mist has fully absorbed, apply a pea sized amount of C-Caf to your hands and drop in 2 drops of supercharge serum. Massage over the face and neck until full absorbed.

In the PM
- After cleansing the face, apply a thin layer of Acid Gold and leave on for 5-10 minutes depending on skin sensitivity. Thoroughly rinse off with warm water.
- Apply a 2-3 drops of Bakuchiol Booster straight onto the skin, or you can drop a couple drops into your night cream like Night Nutrition. Massage into the skin until fully absorbed.

*Bonus Tip! Top up Mega Mist throughout the day when required for a refreshing, hydrating and skin plumping pick me up.