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How to properly recycle your BYBI empties

Did you know that only 52% of people in the UK recycle their bathroom products, compared to the 90% who say they recycle kitchen products? Despite the fact that recycling your empties is easier than ever, beauty products account for 30-40% of all landfill waste in the UK. Yikes. We get it, it gets confusing what you can and can’t recycle but this is where we are here to help!

Sugarcane Tubes
The sugarcane that your BYBI faves are housed in is a carbon neutral, 100% recyclable material, and we use plant-ink to make sure the colouring doesn’t render the recycling process. Before popping it in the recycling though, just make sure you snip, rinse and separate to avoid any contamination.

BYBI Sugarcane products:
Babe Balm, Crystal Clear, C-Caf, Day Defence, Buffer & Plumper 

How to recycle?
Remove tube from carton. Carton is 100% recyclable so can be disposed of in your domestic recycling. Both the cap and sugarcane tube are 100% recyclable in domestic recycling.

1) Separate cap and tube 

2) With scissors, cut the top the tube

3) Rinse out all of the contents of the tube and cap

4) Put into recycling bin

Glass Bottles
We use glass to house products that might not be suited for a sugarcane tube. Glass has pros and cons. Pro, it’s infinitely recyclable and not a fossil fuel based material but con, when created as a virgin material (a material first created from a raw natural one) it’s very energy intensive and made from sand which is not a renewable source. Like sugarcane we print directly onto the class using biodegradable plant-based ink that doesn't interfere with the recycling process.

As glass is infinitely recyclable we set up our own circular recycling scheme…ReBYBI. How does it work? You send us your empties and we sterilize and clean them to then be reused for the same purpose.

BYBI glass products:
Acid Gold, Night Nutrition, Boosters, Supercharge Serum, Babe Balm Bronze, Clean Hands, Mega Mist & Swipe Clean.

How to ReBYBI?
1) If you purchased on we sent you a free ReBYBI returns label. If you didn't or have misplaced, contact our Customer Care team at [email protected]
2) When you've finished your empties simply pop them back in the post to us using the free ReBYBI label and we'll handle the rest.

How to Recycle?
Carton, cap and glass container are 100% recyclable so can be disposed of in your domestic recycling. Sadly Mega Mist pump is the only component that is not recyclable, but believe us, we are working on it! 

1) Separate cap and glass container
2) Rinse out all of the contents of the glass jar and cap
3) Put into recycling bin

We recommend with all products and packaging to REDUCE the amount you use, REUSE what you can, and only then, make sure you RECYCLE. That's why we created ReBYBI. It's our circular recycling scheme. It means we can collect your empty BYBI products and make them good as new, and package new BYBI products in them, saving energy and CO2.

You can find more information about our packaging glass & sugarcane here on our sustainability page.