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Pregnancy skincare special

Pregnancy skin has on the whole been a blessing, this could be a combination of not wearing any make up over the last few months (after being an anti-social hermit during lockdown) alongside all of the new pregnancy hormones.
I have especially felt the pregnancy ‘glow’ which comes from the greater blood volume supporting the unborn bambino, bringing a greater number of blood vessels to the face giving a nice alternative to my normal dull skin.

Part of the ‘glow’ is also down to the extra sensitivity to the sun during pregnancy, which I have been embracing to bring a bit more colour to my face. It has amazed me how much quicker I have been able to catch a tan this summer and not forgetting the vitamin D benefits it brings for the baby’s bone development. Saying that, it's easy to burn given the extra sensitivity, sun tan lotion is key. Day Defence works a treat as a high SPF 30 day cream with broad spectrum UVA/UVB that also protects against ageing, which I’m conscious will be key in a few weeks to come with many sleepless nights.

I’ve also been consciously updating my beauty regime to make it baby safe. Having had to ditch a lot of essential oils and retinol based products (see our original blog on products to use on you and your baby here), Bakuchiol Booster has been a god-send pregnancy safe, natural retinol replacement, that has left my skin feeling nice and plump, this will be a permanent switch for me.

Dry skin has been an issue. I have been taking a lot more baths for the weightless feeling, which alleviates the achey back pains. Which in turn has stripped my skin of its natural moisture. I have spent a lot of time oiling myself with anything I can get my hands on post bath. Especially focusing on key areas around the tummy, bum and thighs to minimise stretch marks (not sure if this is actually works) but either way my skin has never felt as soft and I can definitely tell the difference when I let the post bath routine slip. Blueberry Booster is my go to oil as it feels super indulgent on my skin, leaving it feeling nourished and I like to think the baby gets a good whiff of the delicious scent too.

One not so fun effect of pregnancy (mainly for my husband) has been snoring! Changing hormones can cause your throat and nasal passages to narrow, which can lead to breathing issues i.e. snoring/sleep apnea. This is issue number one, but has led to issue number two, sleeping with my mouth open. And who knew that having pursed lip kept them extra juicy until morning?! I have been super reliant on an intensely moisturising lip treatment before bedtime to stop them becoming chapped, Babe Balm has been my go to as it stays put all night long.


Written by Lydia, Finance Director