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A quick, simple routine for the time poor

Feeling busier than ever? If the current circumstances mean you've got your hands full with the kids and your days = back to back Zoom meetings - then this simple skincare routine was made for you. 

During lockdown I have been taking full advantage of not having to wearing makeup. Just pushing the boat out on my one year wedding anniversary with some mascara. Instead I’ve been taking the (short) amount of time I usually spend on applying makeup to look after my skin.

I have found myself thinking a lot about how I managed to fit in all of the things that I used to do pre-lockdown, as I feel just as time poor as ever at the moment. Despite this, my skin is looking fresh, most likely because I'm a new member of the BYBI team and received a goody bag of beauty treats...this, or good lighting!!

After my morning shower with my skin still damp, I get a quick spritz on my face of Mega Mist. It’s a great way to wake up your face in the morning and start the day super hydrated. I let it dry as I pick my outfit for the day.


Then on with the C-Caf Cream, I have been trying to make vitamin C part of my daily routine and this formulation has worked really well with my skin, as it’s super lightweight and quickly wakens my dull skin ready for the day of Zooms.


Even though I am spending a lot more time in doors, I apply SPF 50+ every day on top of any beauty products…that ageing sun can still hit you through the window! Then time for the day to begin. 

Then before I know it, the day is done! I am guilty of getting into bed and forgetting all about cleansing my face. I know I should be removing and make up or general debris that builds up over the day…sometimes bed just calls! So I am a real fan of anything that is bedside table ready. I used to use organic olive oil on my skin as it was great at removing all eye make-up and left my skin super soft…the focaccia smell was less appealing. Since starting at BYBI I got an upgrade in the form of Swipe Clean, it's still an oil, so leaves your skin feeling moisturised and I can sometimes even forgo night products if my skin is feeling more on the oily side. 


Written by Lydia, Finance Director