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Regenerate your skin for less than £25

Who doesn't want a product that does what it says on the tin (bottle, jar or tube)? Meet our regenerate category. High-performance formulas that deliver punchy results, all with 100% natural active ingredients. Aka, the ones in purple.

Smooth, plump, brighten and balance with our core regenerating range, all for under £25. 

Boost collagen

BYBI Bakuchiol Booster

Like retinol, our rejuvenating Bakuchiol Booster helps visibly reduce fine lines and improve skin texture, leaving skin smooth and radiant. However, unlike retinol, it's safe to use when pregnant and breastfeeding, meaning you don't have to miss out on the good stuff. It's also much gentler on sensitive skin types and doesn't cause irritation, dryness or increases photosensitivity, some of the side effects associated with typical retinol. Because it's a bestseller (check out the reviews), it's now also available in a larger 50ml (3.3x standard size), with a healthy saving of 25%. 

Shop Bakuchiol Booster | From £12

Enhance skin cell renewal

BYBI Acid Gold Face Mask

If you're looking for a self-care or self-ie moment, our Acid Gold face mask is the one. It uses the power of exfoliating AHAs, including lactic, glycolic, malic and tartaric to really buff away dry dead skin cells for brighter, softer skin. It also contains upcycled pumpkin enzyme, a by-product of the pumpkin seed industry, which not only gently exfoliates, but also promotes skin cell renewal, for firmer, clearer skin. Its vibrant orange colour comes from sea buckthorn oil, which, whilst it makes a great pic, is included to replenish and condition skin, so it feels nourished and soft after use. 

Shop Acid Gold | £20

Reduce spots

If you've got breakout-prone, oily or 'normal' skin, Crystal Clear was made for you. (Drier skin types don't despair, it might just be best if you use this for a deeper cleanse once a week). Cleansing deep into pores, our gel cleanser uses salicylic acid, a BHA derived from white willow bark, to help decongest skin, reduce blackheads and minimise breakouts. It also contains balancing prebiotic inulin, which helps to replenish the skin's microbiome after cleansing, preventing dryness or further breakouts. Crystal Clear's foaming, creamy texture leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, but not stripped. If you're looking to reduce spots, irritation or redness, combine with CBD Booster for a calming spot treatment. 


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Written by Hannah, Assistant Communications Manager