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It’s Hot Out There Skincare

The heat is rising as we hurtle towards summer and as temperatures change, so should your skincare routine. Not looking after your skin properly throughout summer can lead to dry, damaged and generally pretty dull skin. First and foremost, don’t forget the SPF (even on the shady days) and if you’re really skin smart, you’ll wear a hat. But it’s not just the direct sunlight that can aggravate skin; the heat in general can lead to redness, inflammation, flare ups, breakouts and intense dryness. Here are a few BYBI favourites that have a firm place on my shelf as soon as the sun comes out to play.

Mega Mist:

The OG hydrator. The drink for parched skin. The refreshing spritz that gets to work quickly on when your complexion is dull. Hyaluronic acid attracts and holds moisture to the skin, whilst plumping and improving bounce. Mega Mist also has a refreshing combination of floral waters and aloe vera, all of which soothe and calm skin that’s been out in the sun for too long. It comes in both full (50ml) and a mini (30ml) size too, one for the bathroom and one for your picnic bag.
Top tip: store in the fridge, the coolness is a welcome refresh for tired, dry skin and really helps to cool you down if you’re overheating at your desk, or had one too many Pimms in the garden yesterday. Mega Mist also works best when applied to slightly damp skin as the HA has more moisture to hold onto, so post cleansing spritz liberally onto face and let it air dry, rather than drying with a towel.


CBD Booster:

Spending time in the heat, particularly if directly in the sun, can lead to skin feeling red, irritated, breaking out and generally a bit out of whack. The CBD Booster is a great balancing addition to your current skincare routine to help reduce redness and calm areas of irritation. I also use it as a spot treatment overnight, it helps to minimise the blemish by the morning.
Top tip: Mixing CBD into Night Nutrition after a long day in the heat is a great way to repair a smooth skin overnight.


Babe Balm:

Babe Balm is just great to have in your handbag/at your desk/on your bedside table to soften and repair areas that become dry or flaky with the heat. It’s great on lips, elbows, cuticles and rough patches on feet (perfect prep for fake tan too). It has a nourishing blend of calendula, shea butter and hibiscus so really softens skin, and will help to heal any damaged areas too.
Top tip: It’s nice on bare legs to keep them both hydrated and looking silky!


Acid Gold:

Skin can easily become dry and clogged as the days get warmer; SPF can block pores if not properly removed, sweating can cause breakouts and the heat dries skin out faster. Exfoliation is important in the summer to banish dulling, dead skin cells and help to clarify. Acid Gold is the perfect nighttime treatment to exfoliate and brighten, with a high quantity of natural acids it helps to clear areas of decongestion and break down the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together. It leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and bright and with it’s golden colour and tangerine scent, it really is a little ray of sunshine in a pot.
Top tip: Never use on sunburnt, broken, or very inflamed skin. Follow up with both Mega Mist and CBD Booster to hydrate and calm.