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Skincare for Maturing Skin

I am sure I am not the first person to admit that a packet of face wipes to remove make-up after a night out was the extent of my skincare routine in my 20’s. I was pleased to be free of my acne-ridden teens and took my clearer skin for granted relying on my naturally higher levels of collagen and elastin to keep my skin in check. What I didn’t realise however was the harsh truth that I wasn’t protecting my skin from the sun, and I was allowing it to get super dehydrated as a result of the hectic lifestyle that I was leading. Now I am in my 30’s there are a few non-negotiables when it comes to my skincare routine as I am determined to keep my skin in its best health possible.

First up has to be SPF. As a sun worshipper who used to love getting a tan from any holiday I went on, I am now much more cautious and apply at least SPF30 every single day (even when I don’t leave the house). Day Defence is not only a great SPF30, but it also has the added bonus of buriti which ensures an extra layer of antioxidant protection against environmental skin stressors. 

Next up is anything that contains bakuchiol! This vegan retinol alternative has drastically improved my skin’s health, particularly when it comes to it looking plump and energised. Eye Plump has made such a difference to the fine lines that were forming around my eyes, and they look a lot smoother and brighter as a result.

Finally, it is quite easy to fall into the trap of assuming that, if you had very oily skin in your teens and 20’s, there is less need for a hydrating moisturiser, however, as we age, our skin produces less of these oils and so it becomes more and more important that we use a moisturiser full of ceramides to lock in hydration. My preferred moisturiser is Night Nutrition –always with an extra hit of Bakuchiol Booster to further regenerate my skin! 

The ageing process is inevitable but also a privilege and keeping your skin in its best health is just one of the ways that we can give back to the body’s largest organ. After all, my skin got me through more nights outthan I can count, university lectures, moving countries, and a global pandemic the least I can do is throw away the face wipes!

Written by Kate, our Global Account Manager