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Skincare for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be a pain in the butt. Whether you know and understand what your skin does and doesn't like, if you're still figuring that out, or, if your skin has a mind of its own, here's an edit of skincare for sensitive skin that Team BYBI reach for time and time again. 

Before we get started:

For some, added fragrance or 'parfum' can be particularly irritating, so it's worth noting that the entire BYBI range is fragrance-free. The scent of our products is 100% natural and comes purely from their ingredients. You won't find any synthetic or added fragrance here. 

Now to get into our sensitive skin favourites. 

From the Booster range 


CBD | £12: It really does work (read the reviews!). If your skin displays its sensitivity through redness, irritation or spots, this can make a noticeable difference. Made with cannabidiol and hemp seed oil, it helps to calm skin down and moisturise, without clogging pores or causing additional congestion. Not only does it get to work quickly (some use this as an overnight spot treatment!), it can also be used long-term to help improve skin and reduce the intensity of hormonal breakouts. 

Strawberry | £12: If your skin is more sensitive, dry and flaky, look no further. This Booster is made from 100% cold pressed strawberry seed oil, an up-cycled ingredient from the juicing industry. It's rich in ellagic and fatty acids, which help to provide moisture, soften and strengthen skin. Add to your moisturiser or apply directly for instantly glowing, softening results. 

Our chosen moisturiser


Night Nutrition | £26Packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and ceramides, this protein night cream has all the essentials (and more!) to help repair your skin barrier whilst you sleep. Its creamy texture is incredibly nourishing yet light on the skin. Made with a softening combination of mango seed butter and soothing oat kernel oil, it helps to lock in moisture by preventing water loss. 

Our chosen cleanser

Swipe Clean | £26: Cleansing the skin, physically getting rid of dirt, grime, SPF and makeup is key to great skin health. But for sensitive skin, finding a cleanser that's effective yet gentle can be the hardest part of your skincare routine. Swipe Clean is a nourishing oil cleanser made without essential oils, so it's not only suitable for sensitive skin, but to remove eye makeup as well. 

Our favourite all-rounder

Babe Balm | £18A sensitive skin staple. The beauty of Babe Balm is that it's multipurpose and made without essential oils. You can literally use it anywhere, however you like. For example as a; balm cleanser, natural dewy highlighter, flaky skin moisturiser, cuticle treatment or to keep your brows in place. Made with soothing calendula and repairing coenzyme Q10, it's not only a joy to use, but it gets the job done too. 


Written by Hannah B, Assistant Communications Manager