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SPF: do I really need it everyday?

Skincare, sun care, self care; get three in one with Day Defence

Day Defence is our new lightweight SPF 30 moisturiser that impacts skin, not planet. It provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, whilst also being a reef safe formula made with non-nano physical SPF, zinc oxide. Made with aloe and buriti oil, it glides onto skin, absorbs quickly, leaving skin glowing, hydrated and protected. 

Here's a few burning questions you have about our everyday essential: 

Why do I need protection from UVA and UVB rays?

UVA rays can cause premature skin ageing and UVB rays can cause skin to burn, both can cause serious skin damage and pigmentation. Mineral SPFs (like the zinc oxide found in Day Defence) work by scattering, absorbing, and reflecting UV radiation, protecting your skin below. 

Do I need SPF every day? 

YES! UV damage is caused by light, not by heat. So to protect your skin, apply an SPF such as Day Defence, as the last step in your routine every single day. 

Will it clog my pores?

Nope, Day Defence is non-comedogenic. It's been formulated for everyday use, for all skin types, including more oily-prone skin. 

Will it leave a white cast on my skin?

No, however when using the correct amount, a slight cast can be seen on darker skin tones initially, which fades after a few minutes once fully absorbed.

How much should I apply for full protection?

To benefit from SPF 30, apply half a teaspoon to face and neck. To ensure even distribution and avoid patchiness, swipe, rather than rub the product into skin. 



Written by Hannah B, Assistant Communications Manager