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Step by step skincare routine

Serums, toners, masks and moisturisers; surplus skincare products can leave you feeling spoilt for choice and perhaps a little overwhelmed. When there’s so much choice, what to use and when can seem confusing, turning your bathroom routine into a dilemma resembling a “what do I wear moment” in front of your wardrobe. Fear not, we have you covered. Below, a step by step guide on the best order to apply your products:

STEP 1) Cleansing

The first (and arguably the most important!) step to every skincare routine is cleansing- both morning and night. In the morning, I find a quick in-shower cleanse is often enough (and much quicker!) but on an evening, I find cleansing a relaxing pre-bed ritual, and like to spend some time doing so. And not just once, but twice. Double cleansing is a great way to ensure your skin is as prepped as possible to absorb further skincare overnight. Firstly, use an oil based cleanser, like Swipe Clean, to draw out surface impurities such as make up, pollution & sebum that has built up over the day. Next, a water based cleanser provides a deeper clean, removing bacteria and helping to fight breakouts. A benefit of double cleansing is that you can target specific skin needs, as the second cleanse can work on a deeper level after surface impurities have been removed.

WHEN: Morning and Night

HOW:  Using a grape size amount, massage into the face & remove with warm water (I like to use a muslin cloth). Taking some time to massage in cleansers improves circulation, whilst also allowing the actives to penetrate into the skin.

WHAT:  Crystal Clear, formulated with salicylic acid & prebiotics provides a deep cleanse, whilst balancing the skin. Swipe Clean makes the perfect step-1 cleansing oil, to luxuriously melt away make-up, grime & pollution.

STEP 2) Toner/ Essence

Post cleansing, it is important to restore PH levels & remove any cleansing residue that could be left on the skin. A toner or an essence acts as a “primer” for the rest of your skincare routine, allowing further products to be absorbed effectively. Using a hydrating toner like Mega Mist when your face is damp will help lock in moisture for plumped and dewy skin.

WHEN: AM & PM post cleansing

HOW: A toner with a spritz is super handy as can be directly sprayed onto the face. Otherwise, apply to a reusable cotton pad, or in the palm of the hand and splash onto the face.

WHAT: Mega Mist loaded with hyaluronic acid and floral waters- perfect to use post cleanse to lock in hydration.

3) Serum & facial oils

Serums are concentrated treatments designed to address specific skin concerns. Containing potent actives, serums can be anti-ageing, brightening, super-hydrating- you name it there’s a serum for it! Serums can be applied both in the day & night, however it’s probably best to change up what you apply & when. During the day, an anti -oxidant serum like Supercharge Serum will help keep skin protected from pollution whilst serums containing resurfacing ingredients, such as Bakuchiol Booster, are best used at night. I love using a facial oil in replace of a serum-  enter the entire BYBI booster range in my bathroom cabinet- and take advantage of their unique benefits depending on how my skins feeling that day. BYBI boosters may be used as a serum, before moisturising (great for CBD & Bakuchiol Booster) or on top of moisturisers, to prevent moisture escaping (Strawberry and Blueberry Booster are perfect for this).

WHEN: Morning and Evening 

HOW: Apply a pea size amount directly to the skin

WHAT: Supercharge Serum is loaded with antioxidants, perfect for daytime use (it's great mixed in with foundation for a dewy look too!). BYBI Boosters are customisable, and may be used morning or night either mixed in with moisturisers or applied directly to the skin.

4) Moisturise

Probably the first EVER skincare product you owned- moisturiser remains as the holy grail of healthy, soft skin. By preventing TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) moisturisers are a great way of keeping skin hydrated throughout the day whilst locking in “goodness” from toners & serums. Eye creams are often lighter in texture and best applied before your facial moisturiser. It’s always best to apply eye cream with your fingertips, patting in the cream delicately instead of massaging like you would a face cream. After eye cream, facial moisturisers can work their magic- as well as providing crucial hydration moisturisers are a great way of getting actives into your skin.

WHEN: Moisturisers should be used day and night. Whilst you can use the same moisturiser morning & night, often the benefits and texture of day & night creams may differ- with night creams likely to be thicker & richer in order to replenish skin overnight, whilst day creams may have radiance boosting benefits for the day ahead.

HOW: Massage a pea size amount onto the face.

WHATC-Caf Cream is a great lightweight day time moisturiser; containing vitamin C, caffeine to crucially awaken skin first thing! Night Nutrition, rich and creamy in texture, uses superfoods to replenish skin whilst you sleep, for skin that feels soft, supple and hydrated in the morning. 

6) SPF

Last but by no means least, SPF should be applied to finish off a daytime routine. Mineral SPFs form a physical defence barrier on top of the skin, acting as a shield from harmful UV rays to protect skin come rain or shine- literally. SPF should be worn all year round (even in winter!) as whilst UVB rays (what cause sunburn) reduce in the winter, UVA rays can penetrate clouds and still have a damaging effect on the skin.  Day creams that contain SPF are a handy way to combine hydration and protection (and save you time!) but an SPF can work on top of your existing moisturiser just as well, with no compromise on the benefits your skin is getting.

WHEN: In the morning, all year round.

HOW: Massage a pea size amount onto the skin, either on top of or in place of moisturiser (if moisturiser has SPF in!)

WHAT: SPFs come in a wide variety of formats so there really is every opportunity to incorporate into your routine- from day creams, setting sprays, primers & foundations- there’s a reason SPF is everywhere!  

7) Masks

Not one for your daily routine, but important to mention where masks fit in too! Depending on the mask, they may be used bi-weekly or weekly (or even less), and really depends on the potency of the actives used. Masks containing AHA’s, like Acid Gold, are usually suggested to be used 2 times a week depending on skin sensitivity, whereas hydration based masks may be used more. There are certain points of the week that I think are MADE for masking- i.e. a lazy Sunday morning or an evening dedicated to self-care- it’s up to you when these moments are. Masks are best applied post cleansing, if it’s a rinse of mask, apply after cleansing and before toning, if it’s an overnight or leave on mask, apply this as the last step in your routine.

WHEN: Mask dependant, but a 1-2 times a week

HOW: Again, mask dependent. Always apply to cleansed skin.

WHAT: Acid Gold, loaded with AHAs and fruit enzymes, sloughs away dead skin cells for brighter and even complexions. A perfect addition to any skincare routine, it may be used 2-3 times a week.

Written by Chloe, NPD Manager