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Sustainable Gifting For The Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for sustainable gift wrapping! Did you know the UK throws away approximately 226,800 miles of wrapping paper during the holiday season? For context, that’s enough wrapping paper to wrap around the entire world nine times. Feeling mind blown? Us, too.  

No matter how you plan to celebrate your loved ones this year, do so with Mother Nature in mind. Your gift wrapping methods can drive an enormous impact on the planet, so let’s do it together! Need a tip or two? We’ve got you. Check out these eco-friendly gifting ideas


Single-use wrapping paper is cancelled, but if you have some around the house, the most eco-conscious thing you can do is use it up! Once you’ve reached the end of the roll, plan for a more sustainable alternative. 


Foil or glitter-decorated wrapping paper can’t be recycled, so it’s a no for us. Instead, package your gift in 100% recycled brown paper. The best part? You can give it some DIY flair! 


If your wrapping woes have you struggling to find an alternative to traditional gifting paper, run a Google search and track down an option made with grass pulp. It’s the holy grail of packaging! Take our BYBI postal boxes for examples. They’re created with just one litre of water per tonne as opposed to 3,000 litres per tonne for wood pulp!


Festive boxes are great for gifting responsibly. Use, reuse, then reuse again and again. The cycle is never-ending! No scissors, no tape, no mess, no waste? Yes, please! 


Be mindful of where you’re shopping this season. Giving your dollar to a business translates giving a vote for what they stand for. Do your research and support brands who share your values. If you’re stuck,  BYBI products are made with Sugarcane and recyclable materials wherever possible, using green energy. It’s a  climate-conscious purchase. 

Here at BYBI, we’re doing just that with our Better Friday sale. In addition to offering our community 25% off sitewide, we’re tracking carbon emissions from every Black Friday purchase so we can offset it. Intrigued?

Learn more about how your purchase can make the difference.