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Team BYBI's Golden Hour - Dew it for you✨

Lockdown. It’s weird. Some of us have a little more time on our hands, but are you using that time to look after yourself? We hope you are! It’s more important now than ever to give yourself a lil extra R&R, whatever that may be. So, whether you're rewatching The OC, taking time for a bath, reading in the sunshine or cooking restaurant-worthy pasta for your isolation crew - let Acid Gold take care of your skin, while you take care of you. Here’s how some of Team BYBI chill the f*ck out. 

"My Golden Hour is all about switching off and focusing on a little moment of self care after a usually busy day. Acid Gold on, nail file out, door to the bedroom shut to keep out attention seeking pets and half an hour of watching something that doesn’t require me to think too much, as I often find my brain needs a break by the end of the day (currently watching Gossip Girl - DON’T JUDGE)."  

Elsie, BYBI Co-Founder


“For my Golden Hour I like to focus on a little bit of beauty, paired with something relaxing to switch off. That might be Acid Gold + reading (just finished Where The Crawdads Sing, highly recommend!), an epsom salt bath + listening to How to Fail the podcast, or treating myself to an at-home mani and watching Netflix!”

Hannah B, Assistant Communications Manager

"For my Golden Hour I love to start off with a nice hot shower where I wash my hair and apply a treatment or hair mask. I then like to put on a face mask, get in some comfortable PJs and paint my nails watching some Essex based TV. I’m talking TOWIE, Mummy Diaries or The G.C, you name it!"

Isabel, Commercial Analyst 

“Saturday mornings, I bloody love you, YOU are my Golden Hour(s). I am NOT one of those people who like to get up early on a weekend and seize the day, absolutely not. Instead, I like to bask in bed for a good few hours, drinking gallons of black coffee, dropping croissant crumbs in the sheets and finally getting the time to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians - don’t @ me. My boyfriend gets up early to workout (weird) so these few hours are truly mine, giving me some much needed alone time - I’m currently in lockdown with him, his parents and cat so privacy, as you can imagine, is hard to come by. I’ll usually do some sort of beauty treatment too, either a face mask - hello Acid Gold - my nails or just daydream about the day when I can get a balayage again.”

Saoirse, Senior Social & Content Executive

"My Golden Hour is the perfect time of the day for ME time, post work/pre cooking where I enjoy some downtime in the form of self care, often including a face mask & a bath ( a g+t always makes a nice addition too 😉) and some cuddles with my kitten Shackleton- who also appreciates relaxing after a long day of catnaps 🤣 An hour of the day away from screens, except of course to get a mask selfie (who can resist when the colour is this delish!) Golden Hour is mine (and Shackleton's!) fave part of the day."

Chloe, NPD Manager

In conclusion, whatever you’re doing to unwind, DEW IT FOR YOU!