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The Skincare Products Team BYBI Can't Live Without

When you work at BYBI HQ, choosing your fave product is kinda like choosing your favourite child or houseplant but sometimes when push comes to shove, AKA when a blog needs writing, you've got to make the hard decisions in life. Here's the team's favourite BYBI products. 

"Strawberry Booster is mine. It really helps to balance and soothe, settling my Psoriasis right down and keeping the rest of my skin soft and supple. It’s rich and nourishing, but easily absorbed and works well as a spot treatment for the extremely dry areas of flaky skin that pop up regularly." Astoria, Customer Care Manager

"Crystal Clear  is my absolute ‘ride or die’. I have tried a billion cleansers, yet Crystal Clear unclogs my pores, does not dry my skin out and helps keeping my rosacea at bay (is iit spelled bae? bay?). It’s the one product I’ll never switch out and I love how much a little goes a long way. It smells AMAZE too." Karoline, Graphic Designer

"I wouldn’t be able to live without Day Defence. Aside from being my UV protector come rain or shine, the dewy finish works really well with my skin. I don’t need to use another moisturiser on lazy days and it actually works really well under makeup, gives a glowy finish without causing it all to slip off. Don’t know what I did before we launched this one!" Elsie, Co-Founder

"I can’t live without Swipe Clean - after a long day it feels so luxurious and a really soothing way to remove the strains and stresses from my city skin. It’s super effective, so I don’t need to rub my skin to get at mascara or brow colour. As it’s an oil I was expecting it to wipe off oily, but it disappears with a light wipe and leaves my face moisturised, soft and ultra-clean." Sophie, Managing Director


"Crystal Clear is my number 1! My skin feels clean and refreshed after use – a great feeling especially after a day walking around in the city air or working from home during the hot summer we have had. I have always been lured into ‘for men’s’ ranges in the past but this works perfectly on my skin!" Wesley, Finance Director

"My fave ever is Mega Mist for its instant ability to hydrate and refresh my skin. Great to use post cleansing to lock in moisture, but also find myself reaching for Mega Mist throughout the day whenever my skin feels dry/ looks a little dull- as it leaves my complexion looking fresh and dewy. Mega mist gives a real  drench of hydration without leaving skin feeling damp- the perfect skin reviver." Chloe, NPD Manager

“I’m always surprised at how effective the Strawberry Booster is being only 1 ingredient. My skin is so dry and it just deeply nourishes like no other oil or product, and gives such an amazing glow. I love to mix it into my foundation as well for all day dewyness!” Dominika, Co-Founder

"This is such a hard decision cos I honestly use so much BYBI in my daily routine buuuut I would have to say Babe Balm. It's a cult classic for a reason. I just can't foresee a world where I don't need a soothing, hydrating, repairing balm in my life you know and Babe Balm is probably the best I've ever tried. I love that it's so versatile and everyone loves it. My boyfriend is forever stealing mine (even though he has his own) for his dry, eczema prone skin and I love using it on my lips and cuticles." Saoirse, Social Media Manager


Written by Saoirse, Social & Content