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The sustainability story behind some of your favourite Boosters

BYBI Boosters are designed to nourish skin, whilst delivering unique skincare benefits. But they all have one thing in common- all have been grounded on BYBIs mission for sustainable skincare solutions. Here’s how we make sure Strawberry Booster, Bakuchiol Booster and Blueberry Booster are as kind to the planet, as they are to your skin.

Starting with BYBI’s best seller: Bakuchiol Booster, designed to plump and regenerate uneven and sallow looking skin. A gentle, natural alternative to retinol, there is no wonder the demand for bakuchiol is increasing globally at the mo. Derived from seeds of the babchi plant, native to India, bakuchiol has received some negative press recently, spiralling from the fact the babchi plant has been identified as an endangered species (in some opinions). Here at BYBI, we’ve been using bakuchiol since November 2018 and have been working with a long-term partner in India to ensure the babchi seeds we use are sourced through sustainable harvesting practises that aim to ensure the continuous existence of the babchi plant in the wild. This is done so in various ways including working closely with local communities who harvest the crop, educating them on sustainable harvesting and identifying new locations in which the plant could be cultivated. By investing in new research, they are aiming to improve the utilisation of the babchi seeds, to improve the oil output per seed from 60% to 90%- resulting in less seeds needed, and less wastage.

Strawberry Booster contains 100% cold pressed strawberry seed oil. Loaded with omegas and  ellagic acid (a potent antioxidant), strawberry seed oil helps to hydrate and soothe, helping to boost moisture levels and leave skin uber soft. Sourced locally from the U.K. the strawberry seed oil in our booster has been upcycled, using waste from the fruit juice industry. Seeds that would otherwise have been thrown away are collected and then cold pressed to form an oil. Cold pressing is a method of oil extraction that not only ensures the highest nutritional content from the seeds remains intact, but instead of using heat it extracts the oil through crushing- driving oil out through pressure. Therefore is a very low-carbon method of oil extraction, making the strawberry seed oil even kinder to the planet (and our skin). 

Blueberry Booster is a daily defence against blue-light blueberry oil is rich in antioxidants to nourish and hydrate skin, keeping it looking healthy and radiant. Like strawberry booster, the seeds we use in our Blueberry Booster are also upcycled from juicing industry waste. These too are cold-pressed in the U.K., meaning the nutritional value blueberry is maximised whilst its impact to the planet minimised.

Our booster bottles are also made from glass, an infinitely recyclable material. All our glass bottles may be sent back to BYBI when used, which we will then recycle and use in future runs- reducing the amount of waste from our bathroom cabinets. 

We've got a lot further to go, but we're working hard to make sure our skincare only impacts your skin, not the planet.

Written by Chloe, NPD Manager