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The Ultimate Winter Skin Routine

"Winter does wonders for my skin" - said no one ever. A combination of colder temperatures, less moisture in the air, central heating and windy winter walks, can all leave your skin feeling drier, duller and occasionally, more sensitive.

But not to worry, because dry skin is my thing, so here's a roundup of the products I use daily, why they work and how best to use them in your routine. 

Starting off with this failsafe Booster combo

CBD & Strawberry Boosters. This duo works on so many levels. CBD uses the power of cannabidiol to help calm stressed-out skin. If your skin feels inflamed, irritated, red or congested, this is the Booster for you. Great for all skin types, it not only keeps blemishes at bay, but also nourishes skin and keeps it in balance. 

Strawberry Booster = 100% cold pressed strawberry seed oil. It's rich in omega fatty acids, which help strengthen and soften the skin's surface. Despite being incredibly rich and nourishing, it's silky texture absorbs quickly into the skin. The perfect Booster for winter, it can be added to your moisturiser or foundation for a softening boost.

As facial oils, they lend themselves to a winter routine, helping to create a protective barrier for skin, locking in moisture and giving skin a glow. You can layer them (always CBD first, as it contains an active ingredient) or apply them in different areas where needed, like targeted treatments.


Moving on to the one I couldn't live without

Mega Mist is a hydrating facial spray, made with hyaluronic acid, aloe and toning floral waters. It's the only product I've ever used where the difference in my skin is so obvious to me. If I don't use it for a few days, the fine lines start creeping in and my skin doesn't look as bouncy and full. 

It works by drawing moisture into the skin, so it's best used when skin is damp, i.e. straight after a shower. Yes, it's a mist, but to me it feels like so much more than that. It's a superior skin hydrator, it's refreshing, it's plumping and balancing - all in one bottle. My skin always feels the best when I'm using it, my makeup always sits right and there's never any flakiness in sight. 


Last but not least, the perfect moisturiser

Before we launched Night Nutrition I wasn't actually using a moisturiser (v shocking, I know). But I couldn't find one that fit the bill: hydrating enough for my dry skin, non-pilling and non-greasy - essential when you love a facial oil. Then Night Nutrition came along and I now use it twice a day, in the mornings too. 

The ingredients list (almost) says it all; broccoli and raspberry seed oils, apricot and oat kernel oils, shea and mango seed butter, omega fatty acids and a unique carrot, kale and lemon protein. It's rich, nourishing and moisturising, yet all without being heavy on the skin. It's made without essential oils, so it's also perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

Suitable for all skin types, simply go lighter if your skin is more prone to oiliness, and layer it on if prone to dryness. The way in which you apply it as part of your nighttime routine is up to you. Personally, I apply it after letting Bakuchiol Booster sit on my skin for 5-10 minutes. I like to use it to lock in moisture and as the final step in my routine. However, as a moisturiser, technically it's best used before any facial oil, so it can be absorbed by the skin more effectively.

Night Nutrition has just been repackaged, into one of our low-carbon sugarcane tubes. You can now get 20% more for exactly the same price! 


Written by Hannah, Assistant Communications Manager