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Want Skin That Shines Bright (Like a Diamond)?

Okay, maybe not that bright. We know that recently “glass skin” has become trendy (if you haven’t heard of this, it’s skin that’s so smooth it resembles the texture—or lack thereof—of glass), and we’re here to debunk the truth in that. Skin has texture! And different shades, even on the same face! We strongly believe that ‘good’ (read: healthy) skin starts from within. So if you’re looking for that “lit from within” glow we hear about all the time in the beauty industry, you’re in the right place. 

Steps for Brighter Skin

Look within. More often than not, skin ‘problems’ are a manifestation of imbalances within the body. From brain to gut, we believe healthy, brighter, happier skin starts from within. So, before you make topical changes, look inward. Make sure that you’re properly hydrated, your diet is full of omega-3 rich foods, and your gut is happy and balanced. Brighter skin can also be credited to mindful, happy relationships (platonic, too!). Integrating daily movement to get your blood flowing is another crucial way to give your skin a boost, head to toe. After you’ve examined your lifestyle and are still looking to implement some topical changes, WE GOT YOU.

Remember, bright skin doesn’t mean shiny, glassy skin without texture. Texture is normal! For those that do all of the above, and are still looking to brighten up dark spots, even out texture and tone, or reduce redness, we see you. And we’re bringing you the best, most natural skincare products that actually work and don’t harm you or the earth in the process. 

How It Works

When we say “work,” we mean increased cell turnover, to be clear. When you increase the speed at which your cells turnover or get rid of dead skin cells to be replaced by new ones, the quicker your skin will rejuvenate, and unwanted dark spots and redness will fade. And voila! You’re left with new, brighter skin. When you choose to increase your skin's cell turnover, your skin will likely become more sensitive to outside stressors, including the sun. It’s extra important to wear SPF, a hat, and to not pick your face so you can maintain the bright skin that you worked so hard to achieve!

Ingredient-Backed Routine

At BYBI, we like to use fruits and veggies in our formulas that you would otherwise find in your garden. By using familiar plants and upcycled ingredients, we’re taking care of both the earth and your skin. Here are some of our favorite brightening BYBI goodies and how they work.

BYBI Day Glow Tonic

  1. Day Glow

This AHA antioxidant cocktail uses superfoods and acids to resurface and renew the surface, resulting in brighter, radiant skin. Powered by lactic acid and reishi and shiitake mushrooms, Day Glow is your post-cleansing, pre-moisturizing step.

BYBI C-Caf Cream

  1. C-Caf Cream

This is your everyday face cream dream. Vitamin c packed kakadu plum and ascorbyl glucoside work to brighten dull skin by improving the look of hyperpigmentation, scars, and uneven skin tone.

BYBI Bright Eyed

  1. Bright Eyed

Arnica, widely used to reduce bruising, swelling, and discoloration, is the secret ingredient here. It helps to brighten under-eye circles and balance uneven skin tone, while sustainably sourced Mica literally reflects light for a bright finish.

BYBI Supercharge Serum

  1. Supercharge Serum

The lemongrass, geranium, and jasmine in Supercharge Serum help to increase cell turnover by shedding old skin and bringing your newest and freshest skin to the top. Plus, it smells really, really good.