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What ingredients to avoid if you have sensitive skin

Irritated, inflamed and reactive? If this is your reality, then you might have sensitive skin.   This is not to be confused with sensitised skin, but we will get to that later.  Sensitive skin refers to skin that is more prone to inflammation or adverse reactions. People with sensitive skin may have strong reactions to chemicals, dyes, and fragrances present in products that come into contact with the skin.  Many people assume that they have sensitive skin, however the percentage of people with truly sensitive skin is quite low.  

If your skin has become very irritated out of nowhere, you probably have sensitised skin.  Sensitised skin refers to skin that has become irritated and inflamed as a result of skin barrier damage.  This often occurs from over exfoliation, being OTT with your routine and using actives that are not appropriate for your concerns.   

If this sounds familiar, then go on a skincare detox for 1-2 weeks.  Cut back your routine to cleansers, a moisturiser and a sunscreen.  Slowly begin to reintroduce actives into your routine one at a time and avoid using/overusing the products that put you into that position.

If your skin is truly sensitive, then here are some things that you should avoid that are potential irritants:

  • Fragrance- there are an infinite number of fragrance combinations in the cosmetic industry so it is hard to pinpoint what will be an irritant.  Skincare targeted to sensitive skin is usually fragrance-free for this reason. All BYBI products are fragrance free but some of our products have a scent due to floral waters and essential oils. ALL of our Boosters are essential oil & fragrance free.
  • Essential Oils- essential oils are very strong and potent molecules that can travel deep into the dermis. This can cause irritation to those with sensitive skin and should be avoided. Some of our products have essential oils- look at our product pages to check if essential oils are present. If you have very sensitive skin but want to repair skin and increase cell turnover, swap Supercharge Serum for Bakuchiol Booster.
  • Alcohol- drying alcohols such as ethanol are great solvents in products.  However, they can be very irritating to those with sensitive skin as they dry the surface of your skin.  Avoid astringent and drying toners if you have sensitive skin 
  • Red, Yellow, & Blue Dyes- dyes can contact dermatitis and irritation for people with sensitive skin, it is best to avoid heavily coloured skincare.
  • Chemical Sunscreen Filters- people with sensitive skin often state how chemical sunscreen filters irritate their skin.  Sunscreens with chemical filters often have a high percentage of alcohol which can be also irritating.  Opt for a sunscreen that has zinc oxide as the UVA and UVB filter as it will a great for those with sensitive skin. Keep an eye out for our next launch as Team BYBI has something very special for you...

We hope that this post has helped! If you have sensitive skin, it is important to patch test new products and introduce new products into your routine slowly.  If your skin is being temperamental, hit reset on your skincare and use minimal products with minimal ingredients. Got a question about ingredients and want tailored production recommendations? Email us at [email protected] or slide into our DMs @bybibeauty.

Written by Anthonia, Formulation Executive 

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