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Acid Gold: What makes it susty?

At BYBI sustainability plays a vital role in the creation of all our products. Acid Gold was no exception; we wanted our first face mask to be packed full of potent ingredients that impacted skin and NOT the planet.

Here’s a couple of highlights explaining how we did just that:

At BYBI we LOVE upcycling ingredients and try to do so wherever possible (hello Blueberry & Strawberry Boosters). It essentially means waste ingredients are utilised in skincare products, that otherwise would have been thrown away. This of course means less waste (always a winner) but also means that no “virgin” energy resource has gone into directly cultivating the ingredient. These two factors make upcycling great for susty, and our skin. A key ingredient in Acid Gold is pumpkin enzyme; pumpkin enzymes gently exfoliate, resurfacing and also releasing trapped bacteria for clear, clarified and more refined looking skin. These enzymes play a big part in Acid Gold but have a little impact on the environment: they have been sourced from the flesh of pumpkin that otherwise would have been thrown away- considered to be a by-product from pumpkin seed harvesting.

As well as enzymes and AHAs, Acid Gold is LOADED with delicious, juicy oils that nurture and care for your skin, a must when using acids! All of these oils have been cold pressed from their respective seeds, a type of extraction that retains the maximum nutritional values of the seeds, using low energy (no heat or chemicals) thus having minimal environmental impact. Cold pressed oils (sea-buckthorn, papaya seed oil, passionflower seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, orange & lime) make up over 25% of total formula in Acid Gold.

We chose to package Acid Gold in a glass jar, a material that is infinitely recyclable. As with our other products that come in glass, these can be sent back to BYBI as part of our ReBYBI scheme where we will reuse the jar in future Acid Gold production. So, who knows- when you get your hands on that delicious purple jar- it may not be the only time! 


Written by Chloe, NPD Manager