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Why We Changed Night Nutrition Packaging

Night Nutrition has had a packaging makeover, here’s why…

Night Nutrition, which launched in Feb 2020, has fast become one of the most popular products at BYBI. Maybe it’s the dreamy rich texture, or could be the skin-strengthening blend of vegetable proteins, whatever the reason you guys can’t get enough of the stuff. But at BYBI, there’s always room for improvement and just because it’s a bestseller, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Our product development team spend a lot of time analysing our existing range; ensuring we’re always using the best ingredients, packaging and most importantly listening to you all to ensure you’re happy with them! And whilst Night Nutrition is highly rated, we couldn't help feeling that something about the glass jar just wasn’t quite right...


We originally chose glass for a couple of reasons; its ability to protect a product and its endless recyclability. Our glass is printed on using an opaque, plant-based ink to help maintain the potency and safety of the product. It filters UV light, which can have an adverse effect on the ingredients inside the jar. The ink also doesn’t interfere with the recycling process in the same way that sticky labels do, so overall we felt confident that the glass jar was the best choice for both the product and our environment. The jar also suited the product well in terms of its texture, making it really easy to use the thick cream.



But jars are open to fingers and, even when we provide you with a neat little bamboo spatula and emphasise that you use this and not your fingers (yes, even when you’re in a rush), we suspect there’s still a bit of dipping going on. If fingers aren’t clean, there can be a risk of contamination that affects the ingredients (although a low risk as the average life cycle of Night Nutrition is short - you guys get through it so quickly). Initially we weren’t sure that Night Nutrition would work in one of our iconic sugarcane tubes due to its thick texture but, having extensively tested it, the tube is still able to distribute the product and it’s super easy to use. We therefore felt like taking away the temptation to stick a finger in completely was just slightly safer for the overall product hygiene. 

The other issue with glass that we constantly grapple with is its weight. It’s a brilliant material in terms of its sustainability for so many reasons, but it’s heavy. Couple this with a thick, 50ml cream and the overall weight of the product is not insignificant. We offset this with our circular recycling scheme ReBYBI, but this is only available in the UK at the moment which doesn’t support our recent expansion into the US. We therefore made the decision to switch out to a lighter material. 



Night Nutrition’s new home is a tube made from sugarcane. Whilst not infinitely recyclable like glass, it can still be recycled, but even better is the fact that its production process is entirely carbon neutral. The significant reduction in the product’s weight in a tube also means a lower carbon footprint when we transport it to you, so overall we’re achieving a substantial carbon reduction by switching from glass to tubes! And it’s not standard plastic, so not a fossil fuel in sight. 

The BYBI range for us is always developing, evolving and improving and we rely heavily on you, our BYBI customers, to help us drive this. We know you’re going to love Night Nutrition in its new tube, but just to be super sure we also increased the size from 50ml to 60ml and kept the price the same. So you get 20% more (and it still weighs less)!


Written by Elsie, BYBI Co-Founder