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Why We Made Our Bakuchiol Skin Restore Night Cream

It’s time we formally introduce you to our newest moisturiser, Bakuchiol Skin Restore Night Cream! This one-of-a-kind, Bakuchiol Moisturiser takes beauty sleep to a new level working hard to help you wake up to bright, plump, and firm skin come sunrise. 

Inspired by your skin needs and ours, the idea for this Bakuchiol Moisturiser came about when in search for a pregnancy-safe night cream that didn’t sacrifice potent and powerful performance. Both falling pregnant at the beginning of 2020 (within 7 weeks of each other, can you believe?!), and both navigating pregnancy and the earliest stage of motherhood, we were in desperate need for a product to help hide the signs of sleep deprivation and target the fact that we seemed to have aged 10 years overnight (the stress of a baby will do that to you)! 

The bakuchiol benefits are retinol-comparable skin results, but as an ingredient it is gentle enough to be used during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. Because of the benefits of bakuchiol, it felt like an obvious choice for the hero ingredient for our new moisturiser! Plus, our Bakuchiol Booster is our best selling product so we also know that you guys love it! 

We tasked our chemist Alexis with creating a lightweight Bakuchiol Moisturiser suitable for all skin types. It was important to us to create something that could be used by many, as one point of feedback we get on Bakuchiol Booster is that while it’s super light, the oil consistency doesn’t work for everyone. You guys wanted something more like a cream that’s super simple to use. So that’s what we got to work on! Formulating from our London lab, together we came up with the light, lotion-like texture that glides on smoothly and absorbs easily. Adding a touch of aloe vera and shea butter to make it gentle for sensitive or easily irritated skin.

As is true for all of our products, the environment was top of mind while formulating our latest-and-greatest launch. We’re working with an India-based supplier who responsibly sources bakuchiol for our Bakuchiol Moisturiser, and promotes sustainable farming practices.

It’s safe to say as first-time mums we’re getting far less sleep nowadays, but thanks to this incredible moisturiser, our skin is getting all the bakuchiol benefits. Check out Bakuchiol Skin Restore Night Cream and let us know what you think!