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Why you should double cleanse

Double cleansing has become a staple in the lives of many; not just for the makeup savvy looking to successfully dissolve a full face, it’s arguably incredibly beneficial for all skincare enthusiasts - glam or not! While a single cleanse might feel like it does the job well enough, in reality there’s much left over both in and on the skin that can build up to block pores and inhibit penetration of our increasingly precious skincare routines. 

The benefit comes from how thorough a cleanse you can achieve when you combine an oil based product; effectively attracting and disintegrating similarly oil based impurities like sunscreen, sebum, environmental aggressors and pollution, and yes - even waterproof makeup – with a secondary water based cleanser in order to deeply clean the pores from any hidden or trapped grime and wipe away any straggling impurities left over from our first round. Two simple steps to achieve truly clean skin.

Step one: Swipe Clean 

Our highly effective yet super gentle oil cleanser and makeup remover. Breaks down and removes all the regular culprits mentioned above, but boasting a clean and simple composition with no irritating essential oils or fragrances and a softly nourishing Jojoba, Sesame and Grapeseed base.


Step two: Crystal Clear

Our lightly foaming gel cleanser includes a potent blend of probiotics to protect and feed your skin’s microbiome and clarifying salicylic acid to deeply unclog pores. Combined with a trio of antimicrobial and antiseptic herbal extracts and formulated at pH 5 (which is the average level of our skin), this powerhouse helps to keep your complexion clear, balanced and regulated.


Oiler or acnaic skins may benefit more from this method of cleansing, as it can do wonders to combat excess oil production and remove the bacteria that can contribute to breakouts, however, armed with the right product for your skin type, your cleansers of choice can work wonders as the unshakeable foundation to your routine.

Written by Astoria, Customer Service Manager