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Why You Should Double Cleanse

If you’re new to the world of double cleansing, allow us to introduce you! 

As its name suggests, double cleansing is a ritual that uses two different types of cleansers to thoroughly remove build up that has accumulated on your skin. 

Start by using an oil-based cleanser to remove waterproof makeup, sunscreen, sebum, environmental aggressors, and pollution, then follow with a secondary water-based cleanser to offer a deep clean.  

Not only does this technique fight against breakouts, it optimises the efficacy of your other skincare products, and gives you soft, glowy, hydrated skin. If you’re still learning how to double cleanse, try out these fan-favourite BYBI cleansers and give it a go! 

Step 1: Melt away makeup with Swipe Clean, our gentle-but-effective oil cleanser that washes away dirt and grime without irritating skin. 

BYBI Swipe Clean

Step 2: Balance and clarify skin with Milk Melt, a dreamy, creamy cleanser that lifts oils, sunscreen, and remaining impurities to clean and brighten your complexion. 

BYBI Milk Melt

It’s really that simple!