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Bybi's 2020

Carbon Report

Our 2019-2020

Carbon Footprint


metric tonnes (tCO2e)




Return flights from London to New York

Or Powering


homes for a whole year

Carbon Emissions 

Our carbon emissions broken down



metric tonnes

Pie Chart



metric tonnes

Pie Chart


The methodology used to calculate is in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and took a bottom up, consumption-based approach to calculating corporate emissions. We used Consumption x Emission Factors (EFs) = Emissions (tCO2e).

What is Included 

How This Is Calculated

What is Included

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  • Energy consumption, from gas and electricity, used in production of all BYBI products by third party manufacturers and the BYBI laboratory
  • Water and water treament use from BYBI laboratory
Packaging icon


  • Energy use from all packaging materials used to house BYBI products including sugarcane and glass
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  • Transport of finished BYBI products to point of sale or customer via sea, air or road
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  • Energy consumption from electricity and gas use in office
  • Waste from office premises
  • Water and water treatment use from office
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Business Travel

  • Transport of any BYBI team members for work purposes via air, road or rail
Bybi's Carbon Plan 

Bybi's Carbon Plan

2019 - ONWARDS



As a first step, we're righting the wrong we've done so far. We have offset all 2019-2020 emissions by purchasing carbon credits, certified by the gold stangdard, and will continue to do so to operate as a carbon neutral business.



Arrow plus carbon element

Offsetting isn't enough. It's a short term solution that doesn't get to the root of the issue and will not solve the climate crisis. Instead, need to truly reduce a carbon footprint to have a posetive impact on the environment.

We reduced our emissions by 12% from 2019 to 2020, and will commit to over doubling this to a 25% reduction from 2020 to 2021.

we have identified key areas of our supply chain and business operations that are carbon culprits and we will make changes in these areas to see a significant reduction in our output for the year. How we will do this:

van icon


A clear starting point is our distraction (getting our product from here in the UK into your hands), which makes up a huge portion of our total carbon footprint, at 74% of total emissions in 2020. We are working on fully switching to a greener courier service who use electric vehicles and dramatically reducing any air freight, switching to sea instead. We've taken steps to make this easier by setting up local fulfilment in the US and a more robust suppy chain that allows us to plan further in advance.

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We have petitioned for all of our manufacturers to run off of green energy from 2021 onwards. This will see a dramatic reduction in emissions, which sat at 18% of total footprint in 2020.

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Of the emissions from the production of our packaging, glass makes up 80%. Virgin glass is carbon intensive to produce. So firstly we are increasing our use of sugarcane packaging where possible. For products that aren't suitable for sugarcane, we are committing to switching to recycled glass which is less carbon intensive and will be increasing awareness of our ReBYBI circular recycling scheme.

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The work on the carbon footprint from our ingredients will be completed early 2021 and we will have clear goals on how we can reduce this



Carbon Element Crossed through

But (you guessed it) carbon reduction isn't enough either. We are making steps to become the world's

First carbon negative beauty brand

meaning we absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than we generate. It's a tall order and is going to be a massive challenge, but we're up for it.

We're working on inputting proccesses with our supply chain that are effective at removing enough carbon to begin to balance out the rest of our emissions, which is called carbon sequestering. We think that we'll be able to reach full carbon negativity by 2025 and will keep you updated on our process as we go.


We worked with a world-leading sustainability specialist, Simply Sustainable, in order to calculate our carbon footprint to date. They helped us to define emission boundaries - an industry standard way to audit carbon - and go on to assess our footprint using three scopes of emissions.

A note on what isn't included

  • Staff Commuting
  • Ingredient level detail on every product.

We wanted this info to be ready in time for out audit but a full life cycle analysis of every product is a piece of work that's taking longer than anticipated. Whilst we have a very good understanding of the ingredients we use and their footprint through our own internal auditing system The Susty Score, it's important for us to have this information verified by our external partner and this process takes some time. We're working on it and once we have the full set of data, we'll add this to our historic emissions and offset that too.