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BYBI Bundles: What Makes Them Sustainable

BYBI Bundles has always been a massive favourite for you guys - and it’s no wonder why. 

BYBI Bundles offer an ‘evergreen’ discount, they arrive in a BEAUTIFUL pouch and are produced with sustainable, recyclable materials.

Our Bundles was created in 2018 and was the response to Black Friday. To avoid unnecessary discounting, we decided to create an ‘evergreen discount’ that gives you up to 30% off when you purchase +3 products. By being evergreen, the discount stops you feeling the pressure to buy things you don’t need on Black Friday. They don’t only offer a great discount - they also come in the most magnificent bags - and we have just given them a rewrap! 

The NEW Bundles

Our Bundles have always been created from sustainable, low carbon emission materials and have been great for re-use as make-up and toiletry bags & pencil cases.To improve their functionality, the new bags include a handle and are now also partly made from recycled plastic, so you can not only use them as a shiny going-out-out bag, but you don't have to worry about water when putting them next to the sink or bringing them to the gym. 

The small bag is made from a water-resistant material, great to bring with you to the gym, classes or other places where you fear the contents will get wet. The big pouch has a bottom made from recycled plastic, so it won’t get soaked when you put it next to the sink. 


At BYBI we prioritise sustainability as much as we do making great skincare - and the Bundles are no exemption. Our Bundles are made from low carbon materials, recycled plastic and paper. To save on materials neither have been lined. The handles are made from cotton and it’s locked with a zipper made from metal. The bundles are built to but after the Bundle has lived a glorious life, it can be fully recycled. 

Evergreen discount - and great for gifts

The more you buy - the bigger discount you get with Bundles, and you can save up to 32%. If you purchase a minimum of 3 products you can use the Bundles function at and watch how the discount increases. Buying more than 3 products? Go for the big Bundle bag - they are even sparklier than the small one and include a bigger handle, dashing and ready to be your new favourite going out-out clutch. Win win? We think so. You can either treat yourself, a friend - or just top up on all your favourites. Got your bestie’s birthday coming up? The Bundles are great for this too. You can either add on a gift tag or use the grass paper box as a gift box! Not a fan of unnecessary gift wrapping? We got your back. Use the paper insert from the grass paper box and stick together with paper-based cellar tape. 

How to recycle

Our Bundles are fully recyclable as long as the parts are disabled from each other with scissors. Please check with your local council if all parts are recyclable, or check out Terracycle, for your nearest Terracycle station. 

The zipper? Recycle OR reuse it. You can use the ‘B’ as an adorable key charm or put it on your bag like a cute, VIP BYBI accessory.


Want to read more about sustainability in our products? Read more here or learn how to proper recycle your BYBI empties here.

Written by Karoline, Graphic Designer